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Each Nike decided to open a shop in the most basic consideration prior experience premise is "not a competitive relationship with the dealer stores." "You can not make every shop store experience, a full range of high costs flagship store." Apple's user experience chief designer, founder of the famous American design firm 8 Inc's Tim Kobe on the "Business Weekly "Said, He has designed a number of the Nike brand's flagship store. This is also the Under Armour shop using the flash causes. According to the data of commercial real estate services provided RET Rui Germany and Italy, the average asking rental Shanghai Huaihai Road 2013 third quarter was 67.9 yuan per square meter per day, which means that the Nike flagship store on Huaihai Road store rent per month more than 7.5 million Yuan. "You need to experience the store dug target markets 'point of contact', then the use of more economical scale well, you can have a good added value; but if not able to strike a balance, we should pay a heavy price There may lose the target groups. "Kobe air huarache, He believes that the Nike store experience is an implementation of value-added success stories. Central Trade iapm Nike footwear concept store that provide customers with fashion magazines like selection of seasonal goods through Nike Huaihai Road shopping district three store experience seize the "contact points" with their respective target markets. Nike to take this fact played a combination card, through differentiated and personalized experience stores to cover different demands from different consumers. Large and most extensive coverage of the flagship store. Location Central Trade iapm footwear concept store is classic, and choices. This location is also in line with consumer groups, trade and shopping malls across the ring characteristics - the influx of young people. The x158 were defining a new way for music and design and creative place to interact circles. The reason is that the whole community is a lot of new music road design and creative companies to gather. Initially, Edison tide shop in the new music on the way once started a Sneaker wave, but the manager is now x158 store manager had the house Edison tide shop. Such direct dig a manager from the outside rather than internal promotion practices in the Nike uncommon. But x158 itself is not unusual. The entire second floor is designed as a product display area, often designed as the best place for companies to organize themselves in small Workshop. Nike invited the Shanghai local design team Super Nature is here made Flex interactive light installations. They hoped to strengthen ties with the fashion brand, creative and Lifestyle regard these Workshop. In this store, the clerk usually takes more time for customers to explain the design philosophy behind each pair of shoes. Nike also replicated in Shanghai this approach to Beijing. They were opened basketball concept store experience and the experience of running concept and Sanlitun store in Beijing's Zhongguancun. The former is located in a high demand for sports products university district, while the latter is located in the embassy district of many runners. Dazzling interesting device is the key to experience the store to attract attention "to increase stores in customization component,cheap nike huarache, and the establishment of small communities, will be more convenient for the precise brand of customer base service." Doug Shaw said. In addition to design, regularly organize various activities or provide other stores do not enjoy the service, it is the secret store experience continuous manufacturing topics. Nike established a running club in the second floor of the flagship store on Huaihai Road Running layer (Nike Running Club) and the main NTC training courses for women (Nike Trainning Club), by more than a professional coach and leader of training, but also to club members for free provide fat burning, shaping and other fitness courses. If it is not Nike running club in the summer of 2013 organized the "out out" night run activities, Shao Yanna do not know when it will re-experience the thrill of running that kind of pain. Katayama ZhengTong Nike flagship store in Harajuku specially designed shoe wall but the number of running clubs and training courses can accommodate is limited, in order to further the initiative to reach consumers, the Nike brand experience stores also for the Shanghai International Marathon contestants professional coaching and pre-match warm-up. "Brand experience stores and any associated sports events at home and abroad, are conducive to cultivate the emotional base of stores and consumers. The importance of local influence is to make consumers feel the brand to understand the local and respect their needs and desire. "Franz said. Mizuno running directly to the flagship store opened in nearby Century Park gathered a large number of runners. People in the end after a run to the store and even a special lounge area into the shower, where the storage tank and shower readily available. This store is located near Centennial Park so that customers can try free new shoes, jogging in the park. Nike flagship store on Huaihai Road is also set up a special one called "enjoy themselves" small football field, for the customer "in the field of shoes." Which it is equipped with a treadmill, according to professional App to capture test runners running posture. According to the results of measuring the foot, consumers can find the most suitable sports shoes with the help of the clerk under. Of course, the ubiquitous Apple constituted NIKEiD area. Although there is a network of people in any place in real time customized shoes, but in the experience of the store, the clerk will specially display a variety of different colors and materials like leather for reference design will also provide guidance on a personal side and recommendations. These additional services are trying to get people to stay longer in the store experience, and repeatedly patronize, to establish a more long-term, in-depth interaction. Nike in London and New York brand experience stores also provide a special order item, you can be one full of childhood memories of jeans to the clerk, so they look for a designer to help,nike huarache White, as a raw material in the production of a unique pair of Nike shoes. Not just Nike, many sports brands have already begun to experience the store to join so that consumers are free to customize the service. Mizuno customers embroidered name on the sports shoes, Puma, New Balance also began to provide consumers with similar factory customized services. "A good, complete brand experience should be rich and multi-dimensional, allowing consumers to experience the brand in a variety of environments, the environment should be mentioned here include various forms of goods and services and so on." Kobe says . The customer entered the door to see is not a product, but a related motion 360 degree holographic film such services are often not direct feedback on sales performance experience store products. In fact, will pay on the spot in the store design complete consumer after the purchase of a pair of custom shoes Nike are most concerned about is not a problem. On page NikeiD even set up a special save and send button, to encourage consumers to design their own Nike shoes and friends to share a look. It is worth mentioning that, according to Nike's statement, Huaihai Road shopping district, this 3 experience stores not only robbed the limelight surrounding no other dealer stores, but also significantly help to enhance the contrast unpretentious store sales performance over the same period .