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LIW Feeder

Model: D-DW-1

The D-DW-1 systems excel in dosing fine to granulated bulk materials accurately across low to mid-range capacities. A separate AC motor controls the agitator and screw for steady material flow. The screw's RPM adjusts based on preset values and bin weight, ensuring desired dosing capacity.

Standard Features:
  • Ultra-sensitive load cell

  • Custom-designed screw & agitator

  • Durable steel exterior

  • Completely closed system

  • Dual AC motor config.

  • Pre-bin (optional)

  • Pre-filling discharge device (optional)

Data Sheet
  • Capacity: 10 kg/hr - 2,000 kg/hr

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5%

  • Screw diameter: 20 mm – 140 mm

  • Bulk density: 300 kg/m³ – 2,500 kg/m³

  • Granulation: dusty to fine-grained

  • Adjustment range: 1:10 (upgradeable up to 1:50 with feedback-encoder)


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