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Open Design Weigh Feeder

Model: E-DBW-A

The Open Design Weigh Feeder is engineered for medium to high-capacity dosing of abrasive materials. Its robust steel construction is built for harsh environments. The belt speed is dynamically adjusted based on the set value and load, ensuring the material dosed matches the nominal value.

Standard Features:
  • Belt alignment device

  • Belt tensioner

  • Belt steering device

  • Belt mis-run sensor

  • Belt scraper

  • Drum scraper

  • Test weight

  • Overload protection

  • Transport screw

  • AC motor drive

  • Frequency converter

  • DMS load cell

Capacities & Ranges:
Data Sheet
  • Capacity: 0.1 t/h - 6,000 t/h

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5%

  • Belt width: 300 mm - 2,400 mm

  • Bulk density: 100 kg/m³ - 4,000 kg/m³

  • Incline angle: up to +/- 8 degrees

  • ATEX: versions available

Weigh Feeder

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